Peppermint has been drunk for a long time. People appreciate its refreshing flavor and it can help calm an overly active stomach. It can be chilled and used during the hot months. Harmey & Sons' comes from Oregon, and is about the only tea or tisane that comes from the USA.

UPC Individual Box: 636046306945

Units Sold By: Case (20 wrapped teabags per box / 6 boxes per case)


  • Dry Leaves: Peppermint leaves from Oregon
  • Liquor: A light green with brown undertones
  • Aroma: A fresh minty aroma
  • Caffeine Level: Caffeine Free
  • Body: Peppermint is light in body
  • Flavors: Clean and refreshing peppermint flavors
  • Brewing Time: 5 minutes
  • Brewing Temperature: 212° F
  • Certified: Kosher & USDA Organic

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